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Need a multi-faceted, multi-talented writer and editor to help you put your best words forward?
Look no further!

I edit books, articles, blog posts, essays, brochures, literary creative nonfiction, and more. Not only can I copy edit to fix grammar mistakes, I can find holes in your story and make suggestions for repair, so your narrative is tight and right.

Here's what I can help you with:


Specializing in working with creative entrepreneurs and artists, I can help you polish your business copywriting until it shines and captivates your customers with story.


I'm just as passionate about business copywriting and editing as I am about literary creative nonfiction. As a creative writer who's had book reviews and essays published in a variety of literary magazines, I've got a keen eye for this type of nuanced editing. I'm the girl from your MFA workshop that you wish could edit your every lit mag submission. 


Likewise, I write book reviews, personal essays, feminist commentary, interviews with fascinating folks, and other enjoyable things to read. You can hire me to write any of these things for your publication. Check out my past publications here.



Photo by T. Scott

Photo by T. Scott


"My relationship with Mandy started out in a local writing group. Even though I didn’t know her very well, it was clear she was a talented writer, gifted student, and kick-ass human being. On a whim, I asked her to be my blogging partner, I needed somebody to hold me accountable.

However, what I gained was so much more than accountability. Her ability to listen to your goals, then provide you with feedback to create a better version of your story, article, or thought process is exceptional. She reads and digests the content to gain a clear understanding of your message, at times, uncovering something you hadn’t even considered. 

Creating client offers has been a bit of a struggle for me. I was writing a message to appeal to and attract my audience, yet I was coming up short with my vision. Mandy read my copy and challenged me to get more specific, providing real time examples of ways I had benefitted my clients. She shed light on exactly what I needed to do to share my gifts and talents, and made it crystal clear. Now, whenever I need help with my writing and message, it’s a no-brainer. I turn to Mandy for support."

Mindy Santo, Women's Empowerment Coach at mindysanto.com

Photo by Audrey Davis

Photo by Audrey Davis


"Mandy helped me write an amazing artist statement for my website! I am not that great of a writer, myself. With the help of her amazing writing skills, my portfolio looks more professional than it ever has." 

Josh Hoggle, fine artist at joshhogglesart.com 

Photo by Natalie Cordova. 

Photo by Natalie Cordova. 



"Hiring Mandy Shunnarah as the editor for my site's opt-in offer and workbooks for my photography workshops has proven to be an outstanding decision for my brand. Her open communication, technical knowledge, and quick turn-around time have freed me up to focus on other aspects of my company. My favorite thing about Mandy’s editing style is her creativity. She is always able to show me unique ways to make my writing stand out, while staying true to my own story and voice."

Jessica Furniss, owner and chief food photographer at Spiffy Eats and Giggle Water; spiffyeats.com





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