Shoutout to My Fellow Book Bloggers

Shoutout to My Fellow Book Bloggers

Reading my fellow book bloggers helps me grow as a reader and book blogger.  Source:  unsplash

Reading my fellow book bloggers helps me grow as a reader and book blogger. 
Source: unsplash

If there's one thing I've learned about blogging, it's that blogging is a community thing. If you think blogging happens in a vacuum, I doubt you've been a blogger for very long. Being in a community of bloggers offers such great opportunities for growth and support. 

Not to mention finding new blogs you like! Between Twitter and See Jane Write, I've found several book blogs that I really love. Admittedly, I'm not one who likes to comment, so some of these bloggers may not realize I'm a fan, but here are three book blogs that I enjoy reading. 

Medusa's Library

I love keeping up with Medusa's Library because she's a bookseller, so in addition to posting about awesome books and her reading adventures, she gives insight into the bookselling industry. She writes interesting content, posts about books she enjoyed that I might not have otherwise heard of (she even gave some love to Rat Queens, so you know she has good taste!), and even a few tips for book bloggers. Definitely worth checking out! 

Head Subhead

I found Head Subhead, or rather he found me, on Twitter. He's a good conversationalist, which is reflected in his blog. It's hard to believe he's had a book blog since 2006 (I was 16 then and the closest thing I did to blogging was posting a boyfriend application in my MySpace notes), so he clearly knows what he's doing. He has engaging posts about books, insight into the publishing industry (since he works in it), and blends it all with Birmingham's local flair. 

Books That Follow You Home

What I love about Books that Follow You Home is the in depth posts. I feel like when BTFYH covers a topic, she leaves no stone unturned. I appreciate how BTFYH is unapologetically text-laden--visuals are engaging, but I feel that bloggers are often pushed too hard to get into mediums that they're not super comfortable with or that don't fit their particular audience. I also love how BTFYH can discuss any book--whether classics or graphic novels--in an approachable intellectual way. 


That's right. YOU. I'm always on the hunt for book bloggers, so if you have a book blog, link it to me in the comments. Or if you don't have a book blog but have posts about books on occasion, link those to me in the comments, too! Blogging is a community and I want to commune with you. 

And if you're not already following me on Twitter, I have lots of bookish conversations there, so we should be friends. :)

What are your favorite book blogs or posts about books? Link them to me in the comments!

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