Ever wondered how some people read 50, 75, or even 100 books a year?

Whether your reading goal is 10 or 100, I've got tips to help you!


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Mandy is a big bundle of sunshine and her tips on being a better reader are so inspiring!
- Williesha Morris

Off the Beaten Shelf makes me feel like I'm caught up on what's happening in the world of literature! It's full of great resources and I especially love the literary tourism series about checking out bookstores in other cities. It speaks to my deep sense of wanderlust as well as my love for books. Mandy knows her stuff, and I love reading her work!
- Meryl Williams

Mandy has such a passionate and creative soul that her blog is simply inspiring. I look forward to e-mails stating that she has posted in her blog as they are easy to relate to, bookish, and fun! I can't wait to see all of the amazing things that she will do and great heights she will go! 
- anonymous comment

Mandy's love of books and of finding the unique and overlooked makes reading her blog a joy I regularly indulge in.
- T.K. Thorne

- Carla Jean Whitley


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Ever wondered how I manage to read 100+ books a year?

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I already got some great tips for how to manage everything. I love your system. Thank YOU!