How to Exercise While Reading

How to Exercise While Reading

Source:  unsplash

Source: unsplash

When I have some downtime, if given the choice between reading and exercising, I always choose reading. It's just part of the struggle of being a book nerd. 

For years I was envious of slender book nerds (I've never had a physique that could be called "slender"; "athletic" perhaps) and I would reconcile myself with thoughts of, Ah, she must not read as much as me or she wouldn't have time to look that good. But, of course, that's no good way to think. 

Luckily, I've finally found the secret and it's almost worth the 24 years it took me to figure it out. 

The easy answer is listening to an audiobook while jogging, but if you're not a proficient runner, it can be hard to focus on the story. (Though this totally works for some people and there's nothing wrong with it.)

But I've found something that works better for me. It's called a FitDesk

It's a stationary bike with a desk mounted on it. I initially got it because I work from home and go to grad school online and didn't want to feel like a couch potato. But then I started pedaling while blogging. Then the next thing I know I'm pedaling while reading. 

Naturally, now my favorite time to be on the bike is when I'm reading. 

Admittedly, I can't pedal super fast while concentrating on any of the above activities, but I can pedal steadily with the resistance up. 

But, if you're like me, you feel accomplished after you've finished a session of reading. And since you don't exercise regularly (I didn't until recently) you feel really accomplished after you've exercised. So imagine doing both! Let me tell you, it feels FANTASTIC. 

So in a few months when I'm slim and trim and people ask me, "What's your secret?" I'm going to say, "Reading." 

And if anyone asks me, "Do you even lift, bro?" I'm going to point to my shirt. 


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