I Like Used Books and Used Books Like Me

I Like Used Books and Used Books Like Me

Source:  unsplash

Source: unsplash

I like used books and I cannot lie. And my wallet can't deny.

As good as it feels to go into the story and pay full price for a crispy fresh hot off the press novel, I can't beat the feeling of finding a long sought-after novel for 50 cents at a yard sale or on super sale at the thrift store. 

But, as a book nerd who shops used books almost exclusively, I know there's a downside. It's pretty hard to find specific books you want. Even if you go to a consignment bookstore like 2nd & Charles, there's still no guarantee you'll find what you want. (Trust me, I've looked for Neil Gaiman books every time I've ever been and can never find them.)

Luckily, I found a way to combat this. Let me introduce you to my friend Better World Books

The convenience of online shopping, the low prices of used books, and the awesomeness that comes with doing good is what makes Better World Books stand out. BWB is a socially conscious business, and over the years they've donated over 15 million books to literacy programs nationwide, donated over $19 million to libraries and literacy programs nationwide, and when books are falling apart, they recycle them. 

Much like Toms, BWB also has a one-for-one program. For every book you buy, they donate a book. 

And there's even more good news. I've partnered with BWB as an affiliate. 

That means that when you see a link to a book in one of my posts, the link will take you to BWB's website. And if you buy books from them using the links in my posts, I get a tiny cut of the sale.

Now, don't worry, I'm not going to get rich off this. But it will help offset the cost of having a SquareSpace site (about $100 a year), so I can keep producing awesome book nerd content. 

I intentionally chose a company that was socially conscious (as opposed to becoming an Amazon or Barnes & Noble affiliate) because I feel that that's true to myself and my brand. So if you find it in your heart to support this blogger by buying used books that you're going to love reading, I'd appreciate it. 


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