New Little Free Library in the Neighborhood

Photo credit: moi and my antique iPhone 4

Photo credit: moi and my antique iPhone 4

As a book nerd and an apartment dweller, I suffer the conundrum of desperately wanting to erect a Little Free Library in the front yard but being forbidden to do so.

A Little Free Library is a freestanding, cabinet-type contraption that book nerds put in their front yards. They hold books that are free for passersby to take. The general rule is "take a book, leave a book" to keep the venture sustainable.

Although I'm unable to have my own Little Free Library, a neighboring book nerd must have heard my literary heart yearning. About two weeks ago my roommate informed me that a Little Free Library had just been put up in the neighborhood and it was within easy walking distance of our apartment.

Of course I had to check it out. On my first visit I found a variety of books--fiction, nonfiction, poetry, and children's--despite there being only 10 or so of them. On my next visit, I took five of my own books to contribute. I visited again a few days later and three of the five were gone.

Bonus points if you can zoom in and guess which books were mine.

Bonus points if you can zoom in and guess which books were mine.

Feeling inspired, I took two more books on the following visit. I checked again yesterday and one of the two had been taken. I dropped off one more.

I now have a stack of four books in my room and I figured I'd drop off a book every time I go jogging around the neighborhood. Someone apparently likes my taste.

I've found the Little Free Library to be a lovely addition to the neighborhood. Neighbors are abuzz with the novelty of it and it's certainly encouraged me to weed my own collection of books.

So if you're in the Highland Park area of Birmingham, definitely check it out! It's at the townhouses one block up and across the street from the entrance to Rhodes Park.

To learn more and get your own Little Free Library (because there can never be enough!) check out the LFL website.

Is there a Little Free Library in your neighborhood? If so, what do you think of it? If you've never heard of a Little Free Library before, does this make you want one? Tell me in the comments below!

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