The Funniest Thing That's Happened to Me as a Book Blogger

The Funniest Thing That's Happened to Me as a Book Blogger

It's not every day things happen to me as a direct result of my blog, but occasionally something comes up that totally surprises me. I think you'll appreciate the story of the funniest thing that's ever happened to me as a book blogger. 

Every year I go to NYC to visit two of my favorite people on the planet: my best friend and his partner. A little over a year ago when I visited I was on a mission to check out some cool NYC bookstores and share them on my blog. One night while Ethan (my best friend) was at work, Kyle (his partner) and I happened upon the most adorable used bookstore.

It looked like something out of a movie: tall, slim building with floor to ceiling bookshelves and rolling ladders traversing the longest and tallest shelves. The shelves were so tall––two stories or more––that I had to crane my neck to see them in all their glory. 

Of course, this was my kind of place! And all the books were used, so I piled my arms high with a stack of titles I wanted to buy. I probably had six or seven picked out. 

I wanted to get a couple of pictures of the inside of the store if I could, so being the respectful book blogger that I am, I asked the elderly lady running the cash register if she would mind me taking photos.  

I approach her, my arms full of books. "Hi! Is it okay if I take a couple of pictures for my bl--" 

"Not unless you're buying something!" she yelled in my face. I guess the stack of books I was holding didn't strike her as me shopping? I was taken aback. This wasn't your stereotypical New Yorker abrasive; she was snarling and foaming at the mouth. 

"I get people all the time just wanting to come in here for pictures!" she snapped, and I wondered if those people normally 1) asked for permission and 2) had stacks of books in their arms when they asked. About the time I dropped the books on the counter and walked out, Kyle, who is a comedian and ROCKS at improv, jumped in.  

"Do you know who she is?!" he asked the woman. "Do you have any idea who you're talking to?" The woman looked confused. I looked confused, too. 

"That's Mandy Shunnarah and she runs a famous book blog that gets millions and millions of views every month and she was going to feature your store," then turning to me. "But I guess she doesn't have to do that." 

He's opened a can of worms, so I decide to play along. "Oh, Kyle, you didn't have to mention the millions of views a month. We can just go." I start to set the books down and turn toward the door. 

"Wait!" she says, kinder. "You want to take pictures for your blog?"  

"Well, I don't have to, if it'd be too much trouble," I said, looking at Kyle, who's in full-on improv mode and it's too late to turn back.  

"Yeah, I guess I could take you to some other bookstores," he said.  "I mean, there's always Barnes & Noble." I shrug and nod, trying not to laugh. The woman looked horrified. (Plus, I hate Barnes & Noble!) 

"Wait, wait, wait," she says, even kinder now. "Take all the pictures you want, just don't get any customers in them. I'll hold your books up here." 

I was quick about it; less than ten minutes, but I got the pictures I wanted and bought my books.  

We managed to keep straight faces until the next block, then uncontrollable giggles took over. If you're reading this blog you can probably guess that I don't have anywhere near a million views, much less in a month. At that point, I'd never even broken a thousand views a month.  

But the point is, having a friend who'll stick their neck out for you is invaluable. Having someone fight in your corner who is totally willing to do ridiculous things to support you is priceless. Kyle was my junkyard dog––I didn't have much worth guarding, but he was sticking up for my little blog anyway. Even if I hadn't gotten the pictures, I'd still remember that day with fondness. 

It's thanks to Kyle that you can see the pictures of that bookstore (as well as other literary places in NYC) in this post

And if you're like me and you find yourself swooning in want of a bookshelf ladder but don't have the space for one of your own, there are several different places where you can find ladder-inspired bookshelves. While they're not ladders that roll along your bookcases, they're as close as those of us living outside of the Beauty and the Beast library can get. 

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