5 Thoughts Only Book Lovers Think During the Holidays

5 Thoughts Only Book Lovers Think During the Holidays

Source:  unsplash

Source: unsplash

Merry ChristmaHannuKwanzmas! 

No matter what holiday you're celebrating (or not celebrating) there's always pressure to hang out with family around this time of year. If you come from a book-loving family, awesome! I hope you'll have a family read-in where everyone finds a favorite corner to curl up in with the book they're currently reading. 

For the rest of us who aren't so lucky, trust me, I feel your pain. There's only one other person in my immediate family who likes to read and she never does so around other people, so this is a battle I must fight alone. 

Here are five thoughts only book lovers think during the holidays. 

"Should I attempt to hide my book in my lap or should I just prop it up on the dinner table?"

They all know you'd rather be reading anyway. 

"I wonder how long I could be gone before anyone notices..."

Because hiding out to read harks to some of the romanticism about indulging in forbidden pleasures. Been there. 

"Wonder what it would take to convince everyone that now---right NOW---is the best time to start reading those books I got them as gifts."

The struggle is quite real. 

"If I spike the eggnog a little too much maybe everyone will fall asleep and I could get some reading in."

But that would SUCK if it backfired and everyone got rowdy. 

"Maybe I could offer to chauffeur everyone to see whatever movie is opening on Christmas day..."

Fingers crossed they wouldn't choose Star Wars. It would be cruel to ask you to choose between books and Star Wars. 


Got any humorous tips for squeezing in time to read during the hustle and bustle? Leave a comment! 



Merry ChristmaHannuKwanzmas!

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