NYC Literary Destinations for the Adventurous Book Nerd

NYC Literary Destinations for the Adventurous Book Nerd

Today's post hails from the epicenter of the American dream. I'm in NYC! As you can imagine, I've been on all sorts of literary adventures. In times like this, a picture's worth a thousand words. So I took a lot of pictures. I like words after all. 

I HAD to see the Alice in Wonderland statue in Central Park. With the majesty of the park, I wouldn't be surprised if there was a portal to Wonderland. I guess I'll just have to traverse the park to find it. 

And if you want to reminisce on your favorite Lewis Carroll quotes, just take a stroll around the statue and you'll be reminded. 

In addition to Central Park's literary sites, there are also lovely spots to sit and read. I couldn't help stopping to sit on the side of this fountain. 

The pond in Central Park is scenic at every turn, though we happened upon the most lovely spot after a trample in The Ramble on the west side of the park. I could pass many an afternoon reading here. 

Imagine my delight when I happened upon Westsider Books, which I bet is the bookstore that Mr. Penumbra's 24-Hour Bookstore was based on. It's a long, thin place stacked two stories high, floor to ceiling with books of every variety. And there were book ladders! Real sliding ladders on the bookcases that anyone could climb upon (not just staff). 

If only there were a fold out bed at the top of the ladder, I'd just move in. 

And would you believe that all the books are stacked two and three deep on EVERY shelf?!

Whoever owns this place is living my dream. 

And more the more conventional, modern indie bookstore, there's Strand Books, which has 18 miles of books over 4 floors. Yes, you read that right. 18 MILES OF BOOKS. As in, just a few miles short of a marathon. 

I actually didn't take any pictures of the inside of the store because I got so carried away with all the book things in there! I was so overwhelmed by all the book goodies that my eyes could hardly focus on one thing! AND I LOVED IT. 

After a long day of literary adventures, you can sit a spell and have tea and scones in one of the three locations of Alice's Tea Cup. It's a tea room in the style of Alice in Wonderland! There are mismatch tea cups, saucers, tea pots, and all! 

Sections of the wall are painted with quotes from the book. You can't help smiling like a Cheshire cat the whole time you're in this whimsical space. 

Did I mention the scones were divine? They WERE. I got a chocolate banana scone and I've seldom had something so heavenly in my life. 


Rest assured that I'm not done with my literary adventures yet. I've still got another couple of days to venture deeper into the world of NYC book nerds. 

What are your favorite literary destinations? Share them in the comments below!

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