Poem: The Secrets That I Hide

poetry and art by Kristin Farmer


The Secrets That I Hide

Wasn’t sure if I should post this but my truth is real
Alone and broken. Fuck the way you feel
Looking in the mirror what is it I see
The broken shards resemble a reflection of me

The secrets that I hide, when no one is looking make me feel dead inside
Molested, raped and abused
Why do I feel so confused
The scars that I hide make me feel dead inside

My head is spinning, spirit is broken and heart weighs heavy
The father that I love so much treats mom like a mule
Why am I so broken, dazed, alone and confused
The tears don’t come anymore
What do I have to live for

No I am not suicidal but please don’t tell me how to feel
This is my reality I am just keeping it real
Hi are you still listening. Are you there
Because most days I feel like no one cares

This shit is unfair. Stop telling me how to feel
I am not looking for your sympathy. These are my secrets revealed

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