Exciting Life Update: Working for an Author

I thought a dreamcatcher was appropriate considering how dreamlike it is for a writer and future librarian to be working for an author and motivational speaker. 
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I have a super exciting life announcement. I've got a new job! But not just any new job. A super awesome job that fits me, my goals, my personality, and my principles better than I could have ever imagined any job doing. 

As you know, I'm a writer and have a near-perpetually positive outlook on life. My level of enthusiasm about life was described in a news article as such: "the girl is so irrepressibly cheerful, I suspect there are traces of bluebird in her DNA."

So I can't help but think it's destiny that my new job is working for an author and motivational speaker!

Meet my new boss.

Her name is Marie Forleo. 

And she does some really awesome things. She's the creator of the award-winning online TV show, MarieTV, which--through insight laced with humor--seeks to help entrepreneurs, particularly women entrepreneurs. The MarieTV mantra is "Create a business and a life you love." She's also the author of the self-help book Make Every Man Want You: How to be So Irresistible You'll Barely Keep from Dating Yourself!, which is published in 13 languages. She's the creator of B-School, a two month program that teachers entrepreneurs valuable tricks of the trade to help them start or grow their businesses. She's been featured in Entrepreneur MagazineFast CompanyGlamour MagazineSelf MagazineForbes.com and The New York Times, as well as Oprah's Super Soul Sunday. She reaches over 275,000 readers in 193 countries. 

Pretty cool, huh?!

So, where do I fit in? I'm a Customer Happiness Specialist. Once I'm finished with training, I, along with several others, will be helping people with questions about B-School and any other questions they have about Marie's programs and content. 

I've read Make Every Man Want You, and it's about more than just romantic relationships--the insight Marie provides can really help people improve relationships of all kinds. I'd encourage anyone to check it out. 

If you want to check out MarieTV, B-School, MEMWY, and anything else Marie-related, check her out at her website

I'd also like to shout out my lovely friend Mindy Santo who introduced me to MarieTV and told me when Marie was hiring! 

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