Exciting Life Update: J. K. Meowling

Exciting Life Update: J. K. Meowling

That's my baby! J. K. Meowling! 

That's my baby! J. K. Meowling! 

If you know me at all, you know I LOVE cats. Like, I think the idea of being a stereotypical spinster is glamorous because it entails collecting these adorable, lithe, gingerly-moving creatures. Here's the story of how I found my sweet J. K. Meowling, along with a list of other literary cat names you can use for your next fur-ever feline friend. 

The worst part about living at home for a year after college was that my parents wouldn't let me get a cat. I vowed I'd get one as soon as I got settled in my own place. But when I got laid off from my full time job within 24 hours of moving into my new apartment, my plans to get a cat were thwarted once again. 

But this story is ultimately a happy one. A few months of job hunting led me to find a sweet job with Marie Forleo, which meant that I could afford to adopt my fur-ever friend. 

Last Sunday, I gathered my roommate, Audrey, and soulmate, Jon, and we took a trip to the Greater Birmingham Humane Society. They have "cat colonies" which are a series of open rooms filled to the bring with boxes, bridges, and cat towers, where cats roam freely and happily. One has only to step inside to see if your fur-ever friend awaits. 

I came in knowing I wanted an adult female with a social personality, but I had no idea I'd leave with the perfect cat. I had looked at all the cat colonies and found some cats that were pretty okay, but none that just captured my heart. 

A few minutes later, I happened upon the recovery room, which is where cats who have recently been spayed/neutered or are recovering from an illness, like a skin or respiratory infection are kept in cages in isolation from the other cats, so they can heal. There were a few cats there who were in their final days of recovery after being spayed. When we opened the doors to their cages, they were just happy to be let out and ran about the room. 

But there was one cat that when I opened her cage, she jumped into my lap and didn't want to be let down. The moment she jumped into my lap, I knew it was love. 

Before I'd gone to the humane society, I'd talked to my friend Amanda Hornsby who got her cat, Ringo, from the humane society. She'd told me, "Getting a cat from the humane society is like getting a wand at Ollivander's. You don't choose the cat; the cat chooses you." 

The moment that cat jumped in my lap and nudged my hand to pet her, I knew I'd been chosen. I took her home and promptly changed her name from Eve to J. K. Meowling, or JK for short. Since I work from home, it's been splendid having her cuddle with me all day. 

Though I chose J. K. Meowling, I've got a list of other literary cat names that you can use for your next fur-ever feline friend. 

  • Margaret Catwood

  • Louisa May Alcatt

  • Gabriel Garcia Marcatz

  • Truman Catpote

  • Ernest Cattingway

  • J.D. Catinger

  • Ray Catbury

  • Emeowly Dickinson

  • Herman Mewville

  • Jack Keroucat

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Do you have a great story about adopting a pet? Does your pet have a literary name? Tell me in the comments below! 

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