National Readathon Day is Coming and I Need YOUR Help!

I love reading and literacy! Do you? Source:  unsplash

I love reading and literacy! Do you?
Source: unsplash

Imagine a world where book nerds are an endangered species... 

Preeeeetty scary, right?

But the truth is that this nightmare could become a reality. Did you know that, according to the National Book Foundation, "53% of 9-year-olds read for pleasure daily, and by the time they turn 17, that number drops to 19%"? 

Now that's really frightening!

That's why I need your help. As a book nerd, I can't stand the thought of my species dying out. I was fortunate enough to be taught that books are the windows to the world, but not every kid is so lucky. 

So I'm asking you to sponsor me in my quest to raise $1,000 for the National Book Foundation in time for National Readathon Day on Sunday, January 24th

National Readathon Day is a book holiday that encourages readers to make time to read. Card carrying book nerds, casual readers, new readers, and people who just plain wish they could read more are encouraged to spend 4 hours reading that day. 

I'll be reading for 4 (or more!) hours on the 24th and I invite you to sponsor my reading by donating to the National Book Foundation through my fundraising page

Not only will the literary karma fairies bless you, for every $5 you donate, I'll give you a chance to take home a book from my personal library. (This is only available to Birmingham, AL readers unless you don't mind paying an extra $4 for shipping.)

You can follow along with the National Readathon Day fun by checking out the hashtag #timetoread on Twitter. 


And, in case this is a concern, I support Jaqueline Woodson fully.

She deserved to win the National Book Award and I'm so happy she was chosen--there should be more diversity in book awards. I think it was awful that Daniel Handler felt the need to make a racist joke at the National Book Awards where she was supposed to be appreciated, but I have a hard time believing his comments were approved by the National Book Foundation. I support the work the National Book Foundation does and don't want the moronic comments of one of their event speakers to cast a negative light on the good work they do for books, literacy, and readers nationwide. 

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