Thursday Word Day: Gonfalon

Source:  unsplash

Source: unsplash

Happy #ThursdayWordDay, word nerds! AND Happy New Year's Eve! Can you believe this is the last Thursday Word Day of 2015? 

Don't you love it when you're happily reading along, then you stumble upon a word you didn't know before? I was reading The Magicians when I happened upon today's word. And it's one of those words where you've seen the thing a million times and never knew there was a special word for it. 

"Gonfalon: noun. a banner suspended from a crossbar, often with several streamers or tails."

If you're tilting your head like a confused puppy while reading that definition, don't worry---I did too. But you've totally seen banners like these before, especially if you're Catholic or royal. 

Source:  Wikimedia Commons ; public domain

Source: Wikimedia Commons; public domain

If I create a kingdom for book nerds, we'll definitely have one of these. 

Got a favorite funky vocab word? Share it and a link to your blog in the comments and I'll feature you for a future Thursday Word Day!

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