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Columbus United: March for Justice (anti-Trump protest)

Where: Goodale Park, Columbus, OH

When: Tuesday, November 29th at 5:30pm

To RSVP: see Facebook event

About the protest:

The action will begin at 5:30PM on Tuesday, 11/29 at Goodale Park and we will march to the Ohio Statehouse for a rally. Stay tuned for details on exact march route, demands, programming, and speakers. ASL interpreters provided.

This all-hands march and rally is both a symbolic and strategic action that seeks to create the world we want to live in by asking *ALL COLUMBUS RESIDENTS* to join together in unity and solidarity. We oppose bigotry and hate everywhere and seek to promote justice and equity for all humans living within and outside of Ohio’s borders. The incoming Trump Administration is a clear and present threat to civil and human rights and this march will send a loud message that the public is watching and will be holding all levels of government accountable for keeping all people safe. We know what we oppose, but we strive to focus MORE on what we SUPPORT, because unified and POSITIVE forward action is the only path to nationwide healing and success.

(1) Host the largest solidarity event in the Midwest since the election; 
(2) Develop a list of declarations and actionable demands for local, state, and federal officials aimed at making Ohio an actively safe and equitable place for every human being;
(3) Build power and raise community leaders from among the people most marginalized by the recent election: women, people of color, LGBTQ, immigrants, differently-abled, and other minorities in order to effect broad social change in the direction of justice; 
(4) Ensure that marginalized voices and minorities decide what safety and flourishing means to them, with the support of a large allied community.

A detailed list of declarations and demands is under development and will be coming soon! For now, know that they are generally to: (1) Promote social, economic, and environmental justice via protection of the human rights of: humans of all religious/non-religious/spiritual creeds; humans of all economic/social classes; humans of all nationalities (including migrants/immigrants/refugees); humans of all colors; humans with various physical and mental realities; and all humans along the entire gender/sexuality spectrums;
(2) Protect the environment by promoting sustainable policies and practices which promote intergenerational climate justice.

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